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Share Investor: April 2021


Orange peel – Many sufferers have long since known that as far as how to get rid of acne fast is concerned, ground up orange peels can certainly help. I have bought the following companies from the market this month – AF Global, Bund Center, Chemical Industries, Chuan Hup, F&N, Far East Orchard, First Sponsor, GK Goh, Heeton, Hiap Hoe, Hong Fok, Hongkong Land, Jardine C&C, Jardine Matheson, Koh Brothers, Mandarin Oriental, OUE, PEC, SBS Transit, Sin Heng, Stamford Land, Tan Chong International, UIC, Wing Tai, Yeo Hiap Seng and YHI. In my earlier posts, I argued that just because uncertainty has increased, there is no excuse for abandoning valuation first principles or process; you can still value companies, albeit with a much wider range of outcomes. 9. The logic is most professional traders are selling the options they only make money if the option price erodes as much as possible. How much boutiques near me do you need? Table below summarize the gain of most property stocks from 3rd May (just before GE13) to 21st May 2013. You think the property stock that you hold is unbeatable? Since the 13th general election until 21st May, Bursa Malaysia index KLCI has rose 5.5% from 1694.77 to 1787.3. Most of the stocks register massive gain within this 2 weeks, especially the property stocks.


Most investors are worry about the effect of upcoming general election on the stock market. Investors and traders alike, are trying to figure out on a daily basis whether there are more downside levels to be broken, or if this is the bottom. The less we spend at the pump, the more money left in our pockets. Now that the transaction is complete the seller should get his money and the buyer should get delivery of shares. Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS) – Shares of Goldman Sachs Group Inc are starting to look interesting given book value is around $126-$130 per share. Even Elon sold and gifted TSLA shares on a few occasions, but Geode has done nothing but add to its position. If $13 would fail in the next few trading days, support would be located at $12.20. Forex trading as we know it today actually took its roots from the decision of the Richard Nixon government to de-peg the value of the US Dollar from the price of gold. This recent phenomenon is the result of opening up of online trading and diminished interest rates from banks.